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elliwhi: "Oh my god is there going to be a S4 of HOA? :D"

Well, about S4… I know there were some speculations and rumors floating around because either the producer or director (I don’t remember which) tweeted something like “House of Anubis fans not long now! #anubis4” like two months ago or so and I believe he tweeted something else about it too but I don’t remember what it was, and while Tasie said that she wouldn’t be back for a S4 if there was one, Nathalia said that she would be. (Also, I saw somewhere that Tasie tweeted something about how if there was enough popular demand for a S4, then there would be one, but I’m not 100% positive that she really tweeted that.)

All that being said though, I really don’t believe that there will be a S4, darling. It’s been 10 months since S3 ended, and even though there was TTOR, still, that was 8 months ago. I’m pretty sure that if a S4 was going to happen, they would’ve announced it by now, seeing as how S2 and S3 were confirmed about a month after the previous season had ended, and also, there was around a 10 month span between when S1 ended and S2 premiered, and between when S2 ended and S3 premiered. 

I honestly have kinda given up hope about a S4. I just don’t think there’s any possible way that it’s happening by now - it’s just been too long after S3 with no news/announcements/hints about a S4. 

So, y’know, fuck you, Nickelodeon.





Okay talking about HOA being no more depresses me and I’m really upset so bye now

Anonymous: "Just wanted to inform you that Tasie said this season will be her last. So of there's a season 4 there won't be Mara. Or jara. Lol I never liked Mara and actually really dislike jara so I'm ok with this news :P"

Ah, another old message. I apologize, m’dear. Alas though, I did know that Tasie said that before S3. (Is it bad that even though I love Tasie 5eva I was realllly hoping there would be a S4 where I wouldn’t have to see Mara and her annoying idiocy???) I don’t believe a S4 is really very possible as this point though, so le sigh.

Anonymous: "Enjoy the lion king! (love that movie :P) I just wanted to say you are AMAZING!!!!! I can't watch the show and not check this page every day :P it is so fun to read all these when the season is actually airing. Your blog completes the experience :) thank you for doing these and being so dedicated to it. I also love reading your thoughts and reactions, they are soooooo similar to mine :P anyway, have a nice night and stay awesome!"

I’m pretty sure I just made the biggest frowny face known to man because it makes me so sad when I come across lovely messages from months ago that I didn’t know got lost in all the submissions. I’m so sorry I didn’t answer this back then, this is such a nice message. Thank you so much though, to whoever this was, you’re a darling.

Oh jinkies, I let this go again. Wow, I’m really sorry and I know the show ended (brb crying tears of blood for ETERNITY), but I figured, hey, why not keep it alive for as long as I can by doing the rest of the confessions in my inbox (61 of them - I’m laughing in spite of myself right now), and doing any more confessions y’all want to submit for as long as you want, because, you know, long live House of Anubis and all that good stuff.

Anonymous: "For the fandom thing, house of anubis!"

Oh awk sauce that I haven’t been on to see this… Welp. I’m gonna do it now anyway! 


  • Favorite Male Character: Mick Campbell
  • Favorite Female Character: Amber Millington
  • Least Favorite Character: Mara Jaffray
  • Favorite Ship: Mickber
  • Favorite Friendship: Mickbian (brb crying for eternity)
  • Favorite Quote: “I’m British, Eddie. I don’t get your jokes.”
  • Worst Character Death (if any): Well… we don’t know for sure if Jason died, but I suppose we’re all under the assumption that he did, so… I’m gonna say Jason.
  • This made me so happy you have no idea Moment: When MicK CAME BACK JFC
  • Saddest Moment: Either when Mick left (because my babe) or the whole scene when Amber was stuck in the room with Robert in the machine and Ms. Denby found her and her father completely ripped her down in front of everyone evil, just. Or when Amber woke up on her birthday and Nina wasn’t there and I don’t know okay, House of Anubis is the supreme ruler of shows of sad moments.
  • Favorite Location: Erm… I’m gonna go really cliché here and say Anubis House.

(No, I’m serious, please ask me things. I’m dying over here reading this book!)

Anonymous: "completely agree with your opinion on Mara. can't stand her at all, I think what you said was the cold hard truth: she never gets the consequences."

'Atta girl! Or boy! (Whichever!) Mara's an awful character. The writers had a chance at redeeming her character every season, but they always just made her worse. I dunno.